About GraphElle

We are now living in the era that technologies growth faster in the speed of light. After this, Einstein has calculated that, exceeding the light of speed, time is shortened, even retreated – Back To The Future.

Graphit  is about common material used hundreds of years ago, in daily basics, in the form of pencils, tools for education and scientification of human being. A Qalam, as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

Graphene is a nanolayer of graphit. In the very basic structure of carbon nature. Fortunatelly, its material is so easy to create after now, and so flexible to adopt in to various hi grade availably homemade product of techs.

Graphene, after the rise of blockchain, that popularized as the decentralisaton, democration of internet, computing and finance. So, the ease of create  graphene material based inventions, would make it simplify as similar, -really looks so alike 🙂 in the structure visualisation – graphene as decentralisation of technology.  Technology turn back to the common people.

GraphElle – is just a name. Reflecting the passion on the graphene democration development. A fashionable daily people adoptions.  We are trying to adopt and pictured the daily uses of graphene in the near future. Exploring the common people inventions around the webs. The future is coming back!


4.Who has taught (the writing) by the pen 

5.Has taught men that which he yet knew not 

 (Qur’an :96:4-5)