Is This The Graphene Time To Race The Highway?

“It’s amazing people say it’s taking a long time because if you look back in history it’s taken a lot longer for new tech to get to market than graphene has,” (Frank Koppens the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) Barcelona).

How fast will graphene products flooding in the real market?

Frank Koppens, as the Scientific Chair of the Graphene Pavilion  MWC 2018, has answered the question of what’s taking scientists so long to make realise the graphene era?.

“If you look at your smartphone, the technology inside it was invented 30-40 years ago – there are about 25 Nobel Prizes for Physics inside in there,” he says. “All those inventions were made in the 1960s, and it wasn’t until much later on that they found their way into consumer products.”

In just not more than 20 years since it’s material discovered. it is already possible to buy products that contain graphene. “So I would say the opposite,” says Koppens. “Graphene has been remarkably fast to market.” The number of graphene-related patent applications is now well over 50,000.

Untill the recent time, various products using graphene are announced, at least some have showedup in the The Graphene Pavilion at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, Barcelona:

-Lamborghini and MIT just announced a project to develop a graphene-enhanced super-capacitor electric vehicle. There are even airships that use graphene.

-McLaren puts it inside its RM 50-03 luxury watch, and the BAC Mono supercar, which has graphene in its panels.

-Italian luxury brand Momodesign sells a graphene motorcycle helmet,

-Vittoria Corsa G+ produce graphene-infused tires that don’t wear out as quickly,

So, It’s the exat time to test the speed of Graphene tecnology in the main roads!